Preserving your wealth for future generations


Articulating clear and tailored recommendations

We believe that all major financial decisions should be taken in the context of an overall financial blueprint. To make decisions about any of the major events in isolation can create unnecessary risk. From ensuring the longevity of your investments and retirement income to preserving your wealth for future generations, we understand that peace of mind for the future is essential. With proven experience and invaluable connections, our in-house specialists and expert advisory team draw on detailed insight into your wealth to ensure that your future lives up to your expectations.

From assessment to delivery and implementation, your financial blueprint has two primary objectives. Firstly, to assess your current lifestyle and how this impacts on your financial health so that we can create a blueprint for your future journey to see if your current goals and objectives are achievable. This is followed by identifying any shortfalls in provisions needed to achieve your objectives and to provide recommendations to tailor your finances in order to achieve your unique goals.

Investment Advice

We provide a broad range of investment advice. As part of the advisory process, we’ll also assess your attitude towards investing, your specific requirements for any investments we recommend and make these recommendations in the context of your Wealth Blueprint. Our investment process is reviewed regularly to ensure your wealth is working for you in the way that you need it to, both for today and tomorrow.

Pensions and Retirement Advice

Retirement planning is different for everybody, and how you utilise your wealth to transition from your working life into your ‘golden years’ will be highly bespoke and unique to you. We will help you manage this transition in a way that suits your lifestyle ambitions and provides the security and peace of mind you require to focus on enjoying the next stage in your journey.

Financial Protection

Protecting you and anybody else who relies on you is a vital component of your Wealth Blueprint. Of course, we all hope for the best, but it is essential to plan for scenarios that can arise, whether that be your death, inability to work or poor health. We will build recommendations for this area into your plan.

Wills & Power of Attorney

Families are by their nature diverse, with priorities that change over time. Having a Will in place to ensure your wishes are carried out after your death is vital. We will work with your existing Solicitor or Will writers, or introduce you to our trusted connections in this area if you wish. We can also provide guidance on registering a Power of Attorney to assist in both financial and health matters in the event of you losing mental capacity.

Cash Management

Managing your savings can be confusing and time consuming, even more so the larger these deposits become. We will recommend, if necessary, companies that can manage this cash on your behalf in order to maximise the returns that you are achieving. Rest assured that the security and accessibility of these funds, in line with your Wealth Blueprint, will be paramount.

Estate Planning

As part of your Wealth Blueprint, we will consider your goals and objectives in terms of what legacy you wish to leave to your beneficiaries. The recommendations we make will factor in the accessibility of this legacy upon your death, how much is passed on and how it can be used by the next generation. Taxations, investment strategy and legal structure are considerations for this aspect of your planning.

Long-Term Care Planning

We are all living longer, healthier lives, and as a result are becoming more conscious about how we are going to be cared for in our later years. We work with leaders in this area to ensure that your concerns are answered and that you are making the most of the help that is already available.

Additional Services

Robert Bruce Financial Planning work with trusted and highly experienced mortgage, legal and general insurance brokers, so you can find everything you need in one place.

Mortgage services

How you finance your home and other properties will be one of, if not the, most significant financial decisions you will ever make. We can introduce you to our trusted connections in this aspect to ensure these decisions can be made in line with your overall financial plan.

Legal services

We’re committed to working with lawyers, tax advisors, accountants and trust companies to help serve the needs of our clients where you may have more complex issues in relation to trusts, Wills or Power of Attorney – we liaise with you through the entire process.

Fees & Services

The fees for our services are broken down into three categories:

• Initial advice fees
• Implementation fees
• Ongoing advice & servicing fees

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